Friday, December 11, 2009

Bah Humbug...

I love Christmas. I love the reason that we celebrate. That billions of people come together on this one day to recognize/worship the birth of our Savior. I love giving thoughtful gifts. I love the excitement that Christmas Eve brings. I love seeing my children's faces light up with anticipation. I love Christmas jammies. I love the magic of Santa. I love bundling up in the cold. I love Christmas music. I love Christmas cookies. I love making Christmas cards and receiving Christmas cards. I love spending time with family and celebrating our love for each other. I love the smells of Christmas. I love the light displays. I love Christmas. Really, I do.


This year, I just can not seem to find my Christmas mojo. Here it is the 11th of December and I have purchased one (ONE!) gift. I'm not sure what to even get for my kids! I don't get excited when I hear Christmas music on the radio. I just put together our Advent boxes this week and so far, we have only done one thing from the boxes. I ORDERED Christmas cards....unheard of! Sam and the boys are going to get a tree in a few minutes and I'm staying home with Lucy (who has been sick this week). I told Sam I didn't even care what the tree looks like.
What is wrong with me? Any suggestions to help me find the Christmas Spirit?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Baby's 2!

On Thanksgiving Day, my baby girl turned two! Where did the last two years go? If anyone finds them, let me know! How quickly Lucy went from this tiny sweet bundle...

to this toddler with sass!

We love our little Lucy so much. She brings so much spunk and joy into our lives. She is affectionate and tough. She loves dolls and balls (and she's got an arm!). She loves kisses and fist bumps. She is super silly but can turn on the tears in a second. She is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it! She's got several people wrapped around her tiniest finger. She is the light of our lives!

My sweet friend and photographer Heather met us at Gardner Village for a fun photo shoot the week before Lucy's birthday. Heather gave me over 100 images (she is fabulous!)so it was hard to choose but here are a few of my favorites!

Since Lucy and my mom share a birthday, I asked Mom to come get a few pics with Lucy. Here's my favorite of the Birthday Girls. Aren't they beautiful?
I love Lucy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Primary Program

Yesterday was our Primary Program in Church. The theme was "Our Eternal Family". It was a very enjoyable meeting and the boys both did a great job. My mom asked Noah before what he his part was in the program. He promptly replied "Classified". He just was not willing to give any spoilers! Curtis was asked to talk on his baptism. He wrote his part himself. He said "I was really nervous because I was afraid my dad would mess up." He also said some really sweet things but I can't remember because I was laughing too hard at that sentence! Sam and I were asked to speak for a few minutes about how family prayer has strengthened our family. Lucy decided to join us and yanked the microphone towards her every few seconds and uttered a "yah yah yah" into it and then chuckled to herself. I was glad for her comic relief as I was able to get through my part without crying (a curse of mine, for certain). Lucy also decided to make a dash out of Sam's arms towards the stand during the closing prayer and (observed from my one eye while trying to show some semblance of reverence)did her best to elude the grabbing hands of the Primary presidency. She managed to get a little dance in next to the podium before the "amen". My thoughts of putting a child gate on the end of the pew have resurfaced.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday during Sacrament meeting was rough. Sam was home very sick so I was left to do the battle of the squirmy, tired toddler by myself. I spent most of the time trying to get Lucy to quiet down in the foyer but did have a few moments on the pew.
During one of those rare moments, right after the sacrament water had gone through our row, Noah leaned over and said "I wish they had chicken for the body." What? "You know, chicken instead of bread. That would taste much better." I'll admit, I did the church bench shake for a few minutes. I know it's a little sacrilegious, but the kid has a point, no?

Monday, September 21, 2009

The latest

This morning, Sam put Lucy down for a nap. A few minutes later I heard her pounding on something. It was really loud so I asked Sam if he had closed her door. Of course he had so I went to her room and she was pounding on her door! That little stinker figured out how to climb out of her crib! Dangit! I guess it's time for a big girl bed.
A few weeks ago, we realized we had a leak in our water main. Fortunately, we didn't have a flood in the basement or sink holes in the yard, just water running continuously through our pipes. We got some bids for replacing the pipe then realized if we rented a mini excavator and dug it up ourselves, we could save over $1000! So Sam worked tirelessly Friday and Saturday getting it dug up. He and the kids all thought the mini excavator was a blast. In fact, Noah asked for one for Christmas!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movie Review

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, I highly recommend you make a date with your significant other, best girlfriend, mom, sister, cousin, next door neighbor, mailman. Whoever. Go see it. You will not be disappointed.
I think this is the first time I have seen a movie, made from a book, where the movie is better than the book. Like 100 times better. I went to see it with my mom and we both loved it. We cried and laughed so hard that we cried. I basically had tears running down my face the entire movie. I really wish it would have just been a movie about Julia Child because it was such a sweet story and, let me tell ya, that Meryl Streep knows how to act. She WAS Julia Child. And Stanley Tucci, oh what a sweetheart. Really. Seriously. Can you tell I loved this movie? I will be buying the DVD. However, I will not be mastering the art of French cooking!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby shower goodness

I love reading crafty blogs. I am amazed by the cute things people create. I have been known to create some cute stuff but I don't usually come up with stuff on my own. So, I love that people share all the fun stuff that they make so I can copy them! Now, it's my turn to share some of my cute stuff!

Saturday I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. I decided I wanted to try my hand at cupcakes. Now, I've made cupcakes before but always just slapped some frosting on the top. But I wanted these cupcakes to be really pretty. So I borrowed some cake decorating tips from my friend Megan and an instruction booklet and went to town. I made strawberry lemonade cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I made three different designs and two colors of frosting:pink and light orange. Decorating them was really fun, relatively easy and they turned out so yummy. I might even go as far as saying they were yummioso and they looked oh-so-cute! Unfortunately, most were eaten before I got a chance to take a photo of their cuteness. So, the one remaining cupcake that I hid is in the photo above.

Megan helped me make cream cheese mints for the little favors. We did pink strawberry kiwi mints and yellow lime flavored mints. (I guess they weren't really mints since we didn't use mint but that's what they are called.) Megan has a ton of cute molds so we did baby bottles, rocking horses, baby carriages and butterflies.
The favor boxes were these darling "sour cream containers". You know the kind, like when you go to Wendy's and order a baked potato and the sour cream is in that funky little tubey thing. I got the instructions here and really, they could not be any easier.

Then I made a cute little advice book to match and had everyone write down their best baby advice for the new parents. I haven't put the whole book together yet but the cover of it is shown in the photo.

The shower was a success. Yummy food, fun gifts, cute favors and showered mama-to-be.

100th post!

Yesterday was my 100th post. I intended to make a big deal out of it but was so caught up in getting caught up that I didn't realize until later that I had written the 100th post! Oh well, here's to good intentions.

We celebrated Sam's birthday yesterday. We had a yummy dinner of pesto stuffed pork chops, twice baked potatoes and a delicious, fresh green salad. Then we topped it off with some birthday ice cream treats. Sam had asked a few weeks ago for a headlamp but I never got around to ordering it so I was left scrambling at the last minute for a meaningful gift. He has taken some really beautiful pictures lately so I browsed through our photos and found two of my favorites (one was a fave of his). I then had 8x10's printed of each of them and framed them. Although it wasn't the headlamp he was hoping for, he was touched by the thoughtful gift. He really does have an eye for photography and loves to take pictures. Maybe one day we'll be able to save up for a really good camera.

I'm so grateful for Sam. He is a wonderful dad, husband and provider. We think he's pretty great!

Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

The long awaited first day finally came last Tuesday. The boys hopped out of bed and quickly got dressed. I made cinnamon rolls (with the help of the Dough boy) and then we took pictures and then made our way to the school. The boys were so excited to see their friends and get back into the school was I!!! The first week they had half days every day to ease the kids (and the teachers!) back in but today, oh blessed day, is the first full day! It's been nice so far...I'm actually blogging so that should tell you something!

Here are a few pictures from the first day:

Mission Reunion

My mission president and his wife live in Canada so our mission reunions have been few and far between. I think it's been close to 10 years since our last reunion. So, when I got the notice that the Orrs would be in Utah and a reunion was being planned, I knew I had to be there. I'm so glad I did! Even though I have seen some of my companions often, there are some I have not seen in a long time. It was so fun to chat with them and rekindle our friendship. A few of us brought our mission scrapbooks and we had a great time looking through them and talking about all of our mission experiences. I loved seeing the Orrs again and feeling their love for me. Pres. Orr has such a gentle demeanor and is so funny. I loved being with them again. We didn't have a huge turnout but those that were there had a great time. I think heaven will be similar to this experience...being embraced in warmth and love by people who have shared in your special memories.

Pres and Sis Orr with some of the Sisters of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission

Rick gets hitched

Sam's oldest brother, Rick, got married to a lovely woman, Tonja on the 22nd. We were able to go to their very intimate sealing in the SL Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony that reminded me how blessed I am to be sealed to Sam and my children for eternity. We are happy to welcome Tonja, McKenna and Dakota into the Preslar clan and look forward to getting to know them better. We are so excited for Rick and Tonja and know they will be so happy together!

Playing Catch-up

Lots has been going on the last month of summer. I have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell so I'll be writing a few different posts with accompanying pictures.

First up: Evans Family Reunion
We spent a weekend in Idaho for the annual Evans Family Reunion. This Family consists of about 370 people all descended from Thomas and Jennie Evans-my dad's grandparents. The last of Thomas and Jennie's daughters, June, passed away the week before so her funeral was held the morning of the reunion. It was a beautiful service and we will miss Aunt June. We then headed to the Malad park and set up the tent and enjoyed a fun evening with cousins of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th varieties. We got rained on really hard that night and the next morning felt more like November than August. But, the kids still had a blast and I had a great time visiting with my relatives. Sam is such a good sport; he can't keep anyone straight because there are so many people, so this year he decided he was going to remember names and who they belonged to. I quizzed him and he ended up remembering quite a few. He kind of grumbles before we go to the reunion but always ends up finding someone to have a good conversation with!

Next up: Millcreek Cook out
My sis in law Rachel and I decided we needed to get together since we always enjoy each other's company, live a few miles away from each other but hardly ever see each other. So, we quickly threw together a little cookout up Millcreek canyon. The weather was great, the kids were pretty good, and the food was enjoyable. The kids had fun running around, playing in the dirt and cooking hot dogs/marshmallows over the fire. Can't wait to do it again!

Friday, July 31, 2009

It's about dang time!

I really am a horrible blogger. No need to point it out. I know it is a fact. I decided to blog today because I just got back from Girls' Camp and my heart is full.
I really do love the YW in my stake and feel so blessed for the time I have had to serve them. This may very well be the last camp I attend in this stake. It is exciting in a way thinking that my summer plans won't revolve around Camp and/or Youth Conference. But it also saddens me a bit. Why? I'll tell ya.

I love my girls. I feel like a little mama hen with her chicks when I'm around them. I want them to be happy and good. I love watching them grow in the Gospel. I love seeing that first little spark of testimony when they are Beehives and watching it develop into a full-fledged fire when they are Laurels. It is incredible. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this with so many Young Women. I love talking with them and hearing their hearts' desires and discussing the temptations they face. I love talking about boys and dating with them. I love staying up late and laughing with them. I love sharing my testimony with them. I love hanging out with them. I love learning from them. I love watching them help and uplift one another. They are amazing Young Women.
In 4 short days of Camp, I am able to do all these things. I come home exhausted but enriched, motivated to be a better example and leader.

That's why tears are blurring my vision as I type this. I will miss these girls and the bond that we share. I will miss that sacred week we lovingly refer to as "Girls' Camp".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

This video cracks me was the craziest ride I have ever been on. You can hear Lucy yelling because she did not like me being on the ride.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in Action

I really didn't intend to not blog for so long, really, I didn't. However, a series of events added up to my long hiatus.
Here's what's been happenin':

We took n 8 day trip to Vegas/San Diego and had a wonderful time. Stayed with the Youngs in Vegas and got to see our favorite Petts in San Diego. We did all we could to induce labor in Marina while we were there but little Sasha wanted to stay nice and cozy in her mama's belly for awhile longer! We went to Sea World (2x) Legoland, the SD Zoo and the beach. We enjoyed every minute we spent there and wished we could have stayed longer!

Curtis and Noah finished their 3rd and 1st grade years and both did a great job. They are looking forward to a long summer break but already miss their friends!

Lucy turned the magical age of 18 months which every Mormon mother longingly looks forward to because the baby can then go to Nursery at church! Lucy loves Nursery (so do I!) and doesn't even look back when I drop her off. She's growing up so fast!

Our computer got a virus (or 12) and I couldn't even log on for a few days. Our friend Collin fixed it up like new and delivered it to us yesterday so we are back in action! Thanks, Col!

I fell down our porch steps and landed right on my tailbone, I couldn't sit for 2 weeks so the computer was out of the question! I was in so much pain! I finally went to the chiropractor because my back was giving me problems from trying to sit in weird positions to avoid the tailbone. After 2 visits, I was able to sit (thank goodness)just in time for...

Youth Conference. We had YC at the U of U this last week. It was really fun and spiritual and I am exhausted! We had great speakers (John Bytheway, Brad Wilcox, just to name a few) good food, fun dance, great service project and other activities. I love it when all the planning and preparation come to fruition. It was fun but I'm glad it's over! Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking such good care of my children while I was there. They didn't even miss me!

In other news: We received 2 new little nieces into our extended families this month. Troy and Rachel welcomed little Emma on June 3rd and David and Marina welcomed sweet Sasha on June 9th. We are excited to watch these little girls grow and get to know them! Congrats to both families!

There's the last month in a nutshell. I will post some pictures as soon as I get caught up on paying bills and reading the emails I missed while the computer was sick!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yummioso! Recipe

I threw this together in the crockpot last week and it was really yummy! I don't know what to call it, maybe you have some ideas!

5 chicken breasts
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can corn
1 can kidney or black beans
1 cup salsa
taco seasoning
1 cup water

Cook on low until chicken is completely cooked (mine cooks really hot even on low so it only takes about 2-3 hours). Shred chicken. We spooned it over tortilla chips and ate like a soup but I think it would also be really yummy in a flour tortilla topped with cheese and sour cream!

Cute kids

I just had to document a few cute things my kids have said/done before I forget!

Friday while driving home from Chuck E Cheese, Noah and his buddies were talking about their names/middle names. I told the kids that Curtis' middle name is Taft which is also my dad's and grandpa's middle names. Then I asked Noah why we gave him "Evan" as his middle name. He shook his head so I told him it was my grandma's maiden name. He said, (matter of factly) "oh, I thought it was from Heaven." (because it rhymes) Oh, sweet boy, it definitely is from heaven!

Lucy has been babbling up a storm lately but not a lot of words, except for "Mom!". The other day we were sitting on the couch and Sam walked up behind us. She looked up at him and said "Uh oh, Dada." and then back to her babbling. She keeps us entertained!

Curtis had his first Pinewood Derby last week. He wanted a Ferrari so he and Sam designed it and Curtis sanded it down good. He put some cool racing stripes and numbers on it and it was ready to go. He was so excited. He actually took 3rd place out of 20+ kids. Before he even received his medal, however, he raced the car down the steps at the church and broke off a wheel. Oh well, fun while it lasted!

I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be the mother of these children. These little moments in their lives make all the hard parts so worthwhile!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Noah is 7!

Seven years ago today this cute kid made his entrance into this world! He wasn't sure he wanted to come and it took a lot of coaxing but we finally convinced him it was time to meet the family! What a fun, crazy, fast 7 years it has been!

Here are 7 reasons why I love him so much:

* He has got the cutest smattering of freckles framing his deep brown eyes.
* He is a smart, smart kid.
* He is a super big brother; he absolutely adores Lucy.
* His best friend is Curtis. His best enemy is also Curtis!
* He is a great artist and wants "all the art kits in the world".
* He loves to run. He ran 79 miles last year at school. He loves to tell people that is like 3 marathons!
* He is so friendly and has no problem carrying on a conversation with any adult.

Noah is such a great addition to our family. We are so glad that he is ours!
Happy Birthday sweet Noah! We love you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Hiatus

I've decided I'm going to take a little blog hiatus. I feel like I'm spending too much time on the computer and not enough time taking care of my house. I'll post photos occasionally but that's all for awhile. Not sure when I'll be back.
I'll leave you with this little cutie:

Friday, March 6, 2009


I have 3 blog readers. Or, my give-away goodness is not enticing enough. Or, you like a good give-away but you don't want to share the love.


Heather and Emily, you guys are gonna get something AMAZING. I don't know what it is yet, but it will be AMAZING.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My first ever Give Away!

I just came across this fun give-away game on 2 of my friends' blogs so I thought I'd share the love!
Here is the deal: The first five people to comment on this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It'll be done this year.
4- You have no clue what it's going to be. It's my choice. It could be scrapbook related. Could be some kind of home decor. Who knows? I might go crazy and bake or sew or something.
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely creative.

The catch? You must re-post this on your own blog and offer the same deal to 5 of your own lucky blog readers. So, the first 5 people to leave a comment telling me they are in will win a homemade gift by me! When you get your gift, be sure to post a picture on your blog! Oh, if you don't have a blog, just do it on Facebook.

Let the games begin!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yesterday I turned 37...holy cow, how did I get that old? I remember when I was a teenager, even newly married thinking that 37 was SO OLD. Some of my Young Women's leaders were this age (and younger) and they were so mature. I do not feel this way. I still view myself as 28. Maybe because that was when I had my first baby and started to feel like a mature, responsible adult. But, I now find myself 9 years older than my internal age! Time goes by seems the older I am, the faster it goes.
So, in light of time going by so quickly, I intend to make the most of it! I chose a word to live by for 2009. That word is "CLARIFY". I love the synonyms for clarify: analyze, break down, clear up, define, delineate, draw a picture, formulate, illuminate, illustrate, make perfectly clear, make plain, resolve, settle, shed light on, simplify, straighten out, throw light on. Can you see where I'm going here? I really want to simplify my life, throw light on the best things, straighten out my home and my muddled brain. I intend to make perfectly clear what my goals and my plans are and actually follow through with them. And, since my children's lives are also passing in front of my eyes at warp speed, LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it!

I did have a really great birthday shared with my family and great friends. Thanks for making my day special!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

des six

So, Amy just tagged me. I usually ignore tags but thought this was fast and fun and didn't require me to divulge deep dark secrets!

This is how it works: go to the pictures folder on your computer, go to the sixth file, go to the sixth picture, post it, then tag 6 people.

I don't know if you can tell what this picture is but it is of our jack-o-lanterns a few years ago.

I tag: Melissa C., Melissa S., Chassie, Rachel, Kristol, Heather

Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday marked the end of one of my "busy seasons" with Young Womens. The last 2 months I have been attending Ward Conferences to visit the Young Womens classes. My counselors and I have been teaching the lesson so I only had to teach twice. We decided to use the talk from Elaine Dalton entitiled "A Return to Virtue". I feel like this call is so timely as our world actually looks down on virtuous women and we are being bombarded on all sides to abandon our virtue.

A few thoughts that stuck out to me were:

"What could be more deceptive than to entice women, young and old, you and me, to be so involved in ourselves, our looks, our clothes, our body shape and size that we lose sight of our divine identity and our ability to change the world through our virtuous influence?"

"I truly believe that one virtuous young woman or young man, led by the Spirit, can change the world, but in order to do so, we must return to virtue."

We talked about standing in holy places and where those holy places are. One of the leaders yesterday said that our holy place can be inside of us and as we live a virtuous life people will be drawn to us. I realized that this greatly applies to motherhood that as we make every aspect of our lives a holy place, we will always be prepared to teach our children by the Spirit in any situation.

Our Stake President spoke about the Lord being mindful of each of us. One of the quotes that struck me yesterday was by President Ezra Taft Benson: "men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life."

I love that but sometimes forget it. As I work diligently as a wife, mother, and Young Women's President, I will be blessed now and eternally. Sometimes I can only focus on the stress and busy-ness of now and not realize the blessings that are in store for me. I just need to remember that the Lord will make up the difference when I have done my best.

In other news: I finally got Sam to go to Ikea with me. For the year that Ikea has been here, he has wanted nothing to do with it. So, I was a little shocked on Saturday when he actually agreed to go. When we got there he was a little intimidated by the amount of cars in the parking lot ( he generally avoids big crowds) but as we started looking around, he realized what all the fuss was about. He actually admitted to me that he thought it was an awesome place! We ended up buying two shelving units to hold the myriad of Legos that our boys have accumulated. We needed a better storage solution (or ANY storage solution, for that matter). Curtis actually put both shelves together by himself, well, Sam had to step in a few times by for the most part, it was all Curtis!
Check him out with his completed shelf! I think this kid has a future as an architect or engineer. he loves to figure out how things work and how to put them together. He's a pretty cool kid!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Nanny update

Wanted to let you know how successful the sleep tactic is. If Lucy cries at all, it is usually less than 5 minutes. I really don't even have to stay in her room anymore. It took some time the first few nights but let me tell you, totally worth it!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Because of this sweet boy, I have now been a mother for 9 years! I can't believe how fast 9 years has gone by. It seems like just yesterday we were preparing to bring our first baby home. Now, we have a young man who is almost as tall as me! The last 9 years haven't always been easy but my life is better because of Curtis.
Here are 9 things I love about my Curtis:

1. He is my first born baby.
2. He is a great big brother to Noah and Lucy.
3. He loves being a Cub Scout.
4. He is a friend to everyone.
5. He is a great Lego builder and will spend hours working on creations.
6. He loves learning and is especially enjoying Cursive right now.
7. He has overcome some hardships the last few years and is thriving.
8. He is so affectionate and loving.
9. He has great curly hair that totally fits his personality!

Happy Birthday, my big boy! I love you more than everything!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I love Super Nanny!

I took a little blog was crazy through the holidays and then after, everytime I sat at the computer, I had no motivation to blog!

Part of my reason of not blogging has been my lack of sleep. Lucy slept through the night for several months, then started teething. Ever since then, she has not slept well so of course, neither have I. Over the holidays it was especially bad as she was getting her molars and was in pain for what seemed like weeks. Finally the molars broke through and I thought I could finally get her back into a good bedtime/sleep routine. Oh no, then the poor thing gets a bad cold. She is finally healthy so last Friday (when it didn't matter when the boys went to bed)I pulled out the sleep routine a la Super Nanny. I don't watch the show very often but happened to catch it a few weeks ago where a young toddler would not stay in her bed. Jo had the mom sit in the little girl's room with her back to the bed. Everytime she would get out of bed, the mom would get up without saying anything and put her back to bed. The first night I think she did it for over an hour and was exhausted but the toddler finally fell asleep in her bed. The next night was about half an hour and both the mom and the girl fell asleep. The third night, no problems at all; she went right to sleep.
So, I figure I can handle this method.
Night One: I get Lucy ready for bed, cuddle for a few minutes, pray and read a book then put her in her crib. As soon as I let go, she starts screaming! I just reassured her that I would be right there and plopped down on the floor. Surprisingly, the crying didn't bother me all that much...I just started listing all the states in my head alphabetically and trying to figure out which ones I missed. That kept my mind busy and not focused on Lucy. She was finally calming down when someone came in the room and then she started freaking out all over again! After about 50 minutes, no sleeping baby.
Night Two: Lucy takes a late nap and is up till about 11:00pm.
Night Three: Sam takes over night duty, wears his headphone to block out the crying. Lucy cries and cries and cries. After 45 mins she is screaming because someone walks by the room and is noisy so she wants him to rescue her. I go rescue her because it is a school night and past Noah's bedtime.
Night Four:tonight 6:45: Bath and pj's. Nurse for a few minutes (we are slowly weaning), prayer and then I put her in bed. We read a book, I kiss and tell her goodnight then turn the light down and sit on the floor. She doesn't cry! I'm confused so I just stay there. She looks at the book for a few minutes then lays down. She plays with her nightlight/aquarium/music box with her feet. She whines for about 2 minutes. She plays with the nighlight again. She is laying down quietly but still a little restless. Then she starts to cry but not hard. She remains down but cries for 5-10 minutes. Then, SILENCE. Then, SNORING!!!
I quietly walk out of the room. After 40 minutes of sitting in her room, I declare: VICTORY!!!

I LOVE Super Nanny!