Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movie Review

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, I highly recommend you make a date with your significant other, best girlfriend, mom, sister, cousin, next door neighbor, mailman. Whoever. Go see it. You will not be disappointed.
I think this is the first time I have seen a movie, made from a book, where the movie is better than the book. Like 100 times better. I went to see it with my mom and we both loved it. We cried and laughed so hard that we cried. I basically had tears running down my face the entire movie. I really wish it would have just been a movie about Julia Child because it was such a sweet story and, let me tell ya, that Meryl Streep knows how to act. She WAS Julia Child. And Stanley Tucci, oh what a sweetheart. Really. Seriously. Can you tell I loved this movie? I will be buying the DVD. However, I will not be mastering the art of French cooking!


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Heather said...

I've been wanting to see that movie- now I KNOW it's good and that I'll see it and enjoy it :) Oh, and I love the birthday gift for Sam, you're so thoughtful - and the baby shower for Maggie was hands down ADORABLE and the cutest shower I've ever been to! not to mention - the food was delishioso!

Staying Young in Vegas said...

I really enjoyed this movie, as well. I saw it with a Julia Child wannabe, and she was able to whisper little insights that made it even more enjoyable. I was talked out of reading the book, however, so I didn't waste my time there.