Thursday, May 31, 2007

PreSchool Graduation,Cephalopods and High Tea

I always hate it when I read blogs and the author hasn't posted a new entry for over a week...and now I am that person!!!

Lots has been happening and I need to catch up. First of all...
Pre School Graduation. My baby is moving did that happen so fast? I honestly can't believe he is 5 and done with pre-school. It is mind-boggling how fast time goes as you get older. Anyone else feel this way? Noah was so cute at graduation. The did a little play about a mermaid and her brother the merman on a search for a birthday present for their mom. Noah was the merman, Sam. They asked several sea creatures for birthday presents but it seems their mom is as hard to buy for as my mom (the woman that has everything). They finally met with the scary octopus and he gave them a great idea...a great big hug. It was a really cute play and all the kids did a great job. Noah knew every line, including the other parts. They then sang some sea-songs. Including "there is a cephalopod". Have you ever heard of a cephalopod? Not me, that is until my 5 year old explained to me what a cephalopod is. (a squid) How is that my 35 year old brain doesn't know this but my 5 year old son does? I figured it wouldn't be till junior high that I would feel like my kids are smarter than me but, it looks like it may come a lot sooner!

Sam and Sophie the Merman and Mermaid and Carlos the Octopus

Noah the Graduate with Teachers Sue, Shea and Merrie

In other news. My sister Amy and I took treated our Mom to High Tea at the Grand America Hotel. Amy brought her camera but unfortunately we were all enjoying ourselves too much to remember to take pictures. Live and learn. Anyway, it was delightful. We all had raspberry herbal tea (which is the best raspberry tea I've ever tasted)and were given 5 little finger sandwiches, a scrumptious scone with strawberry jam, clotted cream (oh, to die for!) and lemon curd (again, to die for). If we hadn't been at such a fancy place, I might have licked the plate clean!!! Then they bring the dessert cart and you can have either a piece of cheesecake or your choice of 3 small french pastries. And to top it off, they throw in 2 huge strawberries with an enormous dollop of whipped cream. OH MY. We thoroughly stuffed and enjoyed ourselves. I recommend this for a great afternoon outing with your mom, sisters, girlfriends. Call ahead because they only serve it at certain times.

Tomorrow is the last day of school...what are we going to do all summer? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


For Christmas, my sweet husband Sam gave me a gift certificate to Breathe Day Spa. Today I finally got around to using it. I received the Ultimate Spa Facial which was 90 minutes long and included hand and feet exfoliation/massage. It was pure bliss! If I had a lot of disposable income, I could see myself doing that about every other week! It was so nice and relaxing and I just felt so at peace when it was over. Thank you, sweetheart, for treating me to this pampering, relaxing time! I enjoyed it so much!

In other news, today we got a sneak peek at the little Preslar growing inside me. I had an appointment with my midwife and she couldn't get a good read on the heartbeat so she did an ultrasound. It was really fun to see this baby moving around...and boy did it move around a lot! No wonder she couldn't get the heartbeat! It was doing barrell rolls; she could barely get it to hold still long enough to snap a picture. So, our little avocado (the size of the baby) looks good and looks like it's in training to wrestle with it's big brothers!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last Night's dinner conversation

Curtis: Mom, me and Noah can help change the baby's diaper.
Me: That will be great!
Curtis: Will we go to the hospital to visit the BABIES?
Me: Of course.
Curtis: And then the BABIES will come home when they're big enough.
Me (perplexed): Babies? You think there is more than one?
C: Yeah, how bout 3 or 4!
Me: No, that is way too many!
Noah (piping in excitedly): How bout a hundred! That would make you really tough!
Me: (sigh)yeah, it would.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


My darling son, Noah says the funniest things. He has a vocabulary way beyond his barely five years of existence. About a year ago, Dora and Diego were hot in this house and Noah used Spanish words left and right. One night at dinner, I tried a new recipe and, much to my surprise, the kids actually loved it. After his first bite, Noah declared, "Mom! This is YUMMIOSO!"
This made-up "spanglish" word is now a favorite in our home, but reserved for only the most delicious food!

My Sweet blog!

I started reading blogs about 2 years ago when my best friend started her own. I thought from time to time about starting one but thought "what would I write about?" and "is my life interesting enough?". Well, what I've discovered from reading many a blog is that you don't have to have an interesting life to have a blog! On occassion I catch myself thinking, "oh, that would be funny to write about." But where? I have tried keeping a journal several times and haven't been very successful...I think it is that elusive reader that trips me up. But now, I have the world wide web as my audience and will hopefully get a comment or two along the way. So, without further ado, I give you, my blog!