Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So the song goes...and I tend to agree! We are so excited to spend our first Christmas in our new home. We are happily preparing for Christmas festivities. Tree, CHECK! Lights on the house, CHECK! Christmas shopping done, ALMOST! Christmas cards, WHAT? Oh shoot! I forgot about Christmas cards! My intention was to get Christmas cards done early this year, like around Thanksgiving, so that I could send our new address to friends and family. Something I've learned about my good intentions: most of them are just that, intentions. Maybe when I grow up I'll be organized enough to make and send Christmas cards at the end of November. Until then, Shutterfly to the rescue! I just tried to order some photo gifts from a different site and they sent me an email saying it takes 8-10 business days just to process the order so basically, forget it if you want them for Christmas! Shutterfly only takes 2-3 business days plus a short shipping time!
Have you seen their cute stuff? They have literally hundreds of card designs to choose from. Chances are, you won't send out the same card that your best friend did! I had a hard time deciding on our cards thanks to cute designs like this one and this one oh, and can't forget this one! I think I'll save the one I chose to be a surprise for those receiving them. You wanna know what else is cool? For an additional fee, Shutterfly will even address and mail your cards for you!
They also have great photo gifts. I've always wanted to make one of these personalized calendars. Wouldn't it be fun to make one of those to match the decor in your mom's house? (or your house ;)).
So, I know this totally sounds like a commercial for Shutterfly. I guess it is. I believe on giving credit where credit is due. When a company offers a great product, gives free shipping on orders over $50, and has options galore, I need to share it with others! Thank you, Shutterfly, for saving my Christmas cards this year!