Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things that are making me smile

*Pillow talk with Noah
*Christmas Pops on XM radio (no teeny-bopper or Mariah Carey renditions!)
*Lucy "walking" in her snowpants
*Curtis' excitement about learning cursive (and he is good at it)
*Christmas shopping almost done--only 1 or 2 items
*Advent activities
*Hot chocolate with egg nog coffee creamer
*Monday lunch dates with Sam
*Seeing the kids ice skate for the first time and loving it!

Monday, December 15, 2008


The number of times I have taken an ornament out of Lucy's hand and relocated it on the tree. She is fast, she'll grab an ornament with each hand and yank. I have told her "no" so many times that now she will yank the ornament and bring it to me...cute little stinker! If I ever decide to have another baby, someone please remind me of this!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Advent

Last year I was such a dud with Christmas activities (since I had a newborn) so I really wanted to make it up to the boys this year with lots of fun things to do to celebrate Christmas. I was telling Amy about this and she said "you have to blog about this" so I am!
A few years ago I got the idea to do a box advent calendar off the web (I think originally from Martha Stewart) and thought it was really cute so I went to Xpedex, found a couple sizes of different boxes and came home to create. I just put some cute Christmasy paper on a few and a few die cut numbers and snowflakes and called it good. Everything takes longer these days because of little Miss Luce but this probably would only take an hour to make. After I got all the boxes arranged how I wanted, I attached them to the door with double sided foam tape.
Then I went to work filling the boxes. I first made a list of all the activities I wanted to do, projects I wanted to create and then made a calendar and filled in the days. I then printed out the "master calendar" for me to put in my purse so I know what's coming up and if I need to get supplies then printed a list to cut up for each day with that day's activity. Then I filled the boxes. I put a Christmas CD in one of the boxes and some candy in a few others. Tomorrow's contains a coupon for free ice skate rentals!
So every day, one of the boys opens a box and reads what is in store for them that day. They have been excited and look forward to opening the box every morning.
I have had to do a little sneaking and rearrange a couple of times because of schedule changes, etc. but all-in-all it has been fun. Some of the ideas in the boxes include: Make your own ornament, Get a Christmas tree, Make a paper chain, watch a Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate, make Christmas cookies, go to a Christmas concert, make a snowman, See the lights at Temple Square. A lot of the things are simple but now they are actually on my calendar and I have it planned out so I don't have to stress about fitting everything in. When I showed the calendar to Sam he said it was pretty ambitious but so far we have done everything (except visit Santa, they didn't want to!)and I haven't felt (really) overwhelmed yet. And, I love giving the kids something to anticipate and get excited about. We are creating fun memories!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucy's 1st Birthday!

I can't believe this baby girl is one year old! Does that mean she's not a baby anymore? We enjoy this little gal so much, she truly lights up our lives!

Most of Lucy's birthday was spent in the car driving to Vegas but when we got there, we had a little celebration. I had planned on getting to Vegas a little earlier so I could throw a party together but with the stops we had to make and traffic, we got there later than anticipated. So we just ran to the grocery store and picked up a huge slice of chocolate cake, a balloon and icecream and we were set for the party.
Lucy shares her birthday with my mom (which my mom is happy about, she says it takes the spotlight off of her age)so we set up the birthday girls, sang and let them dig in. As most babies, Lucy was a little hesitant with the cake at first but then really seemed to enjoy herself. She got really messy!
Thanks to my family for loving my little girl and sharing her day with us. She loves all her gifts and, more importantly, knows she is loved!

Lucy's 1 year stats:
weight: 22lbs 3oz 66%
height: 28 inches 20% (shocker, I know)
6 teeth plus one molar coming in
walking everywhere, getting in to EVERYTHING, eating well, happy most of the time, developing a little temper!

We got our photos from Suzanne's friend, Marissa, and they are so great! Here is one of my favorites of my kids.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with my family in Las Vegas. My sister Suzanne and hubby Danny, hosted the whole fam-damily from Wednesday till Sunday. We had a birthday party on Wednesday for Lucy and my mom (which I will post more about later). We had a great time swimming, hot-tubbing, playing games, eating, crafting, hiking, hanging, visiting. We had the opportunity to get pictures taken in beautiful Red Rocks by Suzanne's friend Marissa.

It was amazing that with 17 people all in the same house for 5 days, there was really no bickering or grumpiness (aside from a few overtired kid moments). We had a fantastic time. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week:

Lucy singing to Isabelle's accompaniment

I hardly saw these boys the whole week except when they would run by on their way to the pool!

Amy, Marina and Isabelle

Mat & Dave and their pool tricks

Family time in the pool!

Monday, December 1, 2008


for wonderful week spent in Las Vegas. We are home and I have lots to post about but it will have to wait for another day or two!