Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Diet" poo and Little Chef

A funny conversation between Noah and Sam.

Noah: "Dad, I have a little diet poo in my underwear."
Sam: "Diet poo?"
Noah: "Yeah, diet poo?"
Sam: "What are you talking about? Diet poo?"
Sam: (lightbulb) "Oh, you mean diarrhea?"
Noah: "Yes, that's diet poo."

Then, as Sam is washing out Noah's underwear in the toilet:
Noah:"Dad, do you like sticking your hands in the toilet?"
Sam: "Oh yes, I love every minute of it."

I know, I know, a little gross and maybe too much information but I just had to share. I love it when kids try to use big words and make up their cute.

Now, on to the Little Chef. Last night I wasn't getting dinner ready fast enough
and Curtis was "absolutely STARVING" so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He got out a box of mac & cheese and wrote down all the ingredients and directions on a piece of paper. He then brought me measuring spoons and measuring cups to make sure he was getting the right amount. Aside from me doing the things that would otherwise make me an irresponsible parent, Curtis made Mac & Cheese all by himself! He and I were both so proud! And of course, I had to take pictures of this great accomplishment.

Sorry about that first picture, I am still learning and don't know how to rotate photos!
I love these boys! They sure make my life entertaining!

Friday, June 22, 2007


I really had high hopes for this summer...I remember when I was a kid and my mom would be so organized with chores and "homework" for each of us before we were allowed to play. I'm sure I complained about it more than once but I also remember enjoying the feeling of schedule and accomplishment.
The first 2 weeks of summer vacay the boys had swimming lessons every morning so that was part of our routine. Now, we have no commitments. So, I made some chore charts with the boys and got out their workbooks and this week we started our new "routine". Is it really a routine if it only lasts one day? I think not. But, we will try again. Today, as I visited with my friend Emily, we realized we still have at least 8 weeks of summer...plenty of time to establish a routine. I know the boys would really enjoy having some sort of routine if their mom could just get it in gear!
We have been able to do some fun things so far this summer. Last week my sis-in-law Rachel and I loaded our 4 kids up and went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. The park has an inside museum and an outside park with huge statues of different dinosaurs. We all enjoyed it but probably would have spent more time there if it hadn't been 100+ degrees! Rachel's 4 year old Chase is a dinosaur expert and told me the names of several dinos I had never heard of. My boys never went through a dinosaur phase (trains and trucks in this family)so I learned a lot from Chase. Rachel has a picture of our boys on her blog but I haven't figured out how to copy pictures yet so please visit her blog to see a photo!
We have also taken advantage of my sister Amy's "hotel" pool. She lives in a condo about a mile away from us and has an outdoor pool. We love being able to go over on a hot afternoon to cool off (although my legs got extremely burnt the other day)and plan to take advantage of the pool several more times through the hot summer.
I have plans to visit some of the city's landmarks and historic sites but will have to wait for a cooler weather forecast. The heat plus carrying a baby equals a lot of exhaustion for me so I'll have to wait for cooler days.
Well, I think I've rambled enough. Not a very exciting post but a post nonetheless. I better sign off before Noah finds the matches again and sets the backyard on fire!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


I have loved the band Erasure for over 20 years so when I heard they were coming to town with Cyndi Lauper and 3 other bands, I knew I had to go. A local radio station had tickets on sale one day for $10.19 so I jumped on the chance. My sister Amy and my friend Emily and I all planned on going. Amy got sick the day of so sadly she wasn't able to go but that was probably a good thing since I'm sure she would've been embarrassed to be seen with me! Have you seen the movie "Music & Lyrics"? If so, picture Drew Barrymore's sister played by Kristen Johnson when she heard Drew's character was invited to a performance of 80's band "Bam,Pop". That was pretty much me at the concert. OK, maybe not to that extreme but I told Emily that I was 99% sure that when Erasure came on stage I was going to freak out. And freak out I did! When they started playing "Oh l'amour" I started screaming. Yep, screaming and jumping up and down! It was seriously so much fun. I loved seeing this band and hearing my favorite songs live...a teenage girl's dream finally come true 20 years later!

Perhaps the best part of the concert was the man about 5 rows in front of us. He was probably mid-40's, kinda chubby, spikey hair with an Erasure concert shirt on. His wife and 3 young kids were with him-all wearing Erasure t-shirts. So cute. Anyway, not only did he know every word to every song, so did his kids, AND he had the 80's dance moves down to a science. Emily and I (and the people around us) were cracking up the entire time.

I have never been a concert-goer but after this concert, Emily and I vowed to go to Erasure together every time they come to Salt Lake. Hopefully they will tour for 20 more years!!!