Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Diet" poo and Little Chef

A funny conversation between Noah and Sam.

Noah: "Dad, I have a little diet poo in my underwear."
Sam: "Diet poo?"
Noah: "Yeah, diet poo?"
Sam: "What are you talking about? Diet poo?"
Sam: (lightbulb) "Oh, you mean diarrhea?"
Noah: "Yes, that's diet poo."

Then, as Sam is washing out Noah's underwear in the toilet:
Noah:"Dad, do you like sticking your hands in the toilet?"
Sam: "Oh yes, I love every minute of it."

I know, I know, a little gross and maybe too much information but I just had to share. I love it when kids try to use big words and make up their cute.

Now, on to the Little Chef. Last night I wasn't getting dinner ready fast enough
and Curtis was "absolutely STARVING" so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He got out a box of mac & cheese and wrote down all the ingredients and directions on a piece of paper. He then brought me measuring spoons and measuring cups to make sure he was getting the right amount. Aside from me doing the things that would otherwise make me an irresponsible parent, Curtis made Mac & Cheese all by himself! He and I were both so proud! And of course, I had to take pictures of this great accomplishment.

Sorry about that first picture, I am still learning and don't know how to rotate photos!
I love these boys! They sure make my life entertaining!


gamine said...

What? No pictures of the diet poo? I think you are playing favorites here.

Em said...

Is he some sort of giant kid? He looks like he is 11 or something. That makes me crazy. I am having anxiety this week coming to terms with Livia turning 9. I am FREAKIN out!!!