Monday, June 11, 2007


I have loved the band Erasure for over 20 years so when I heard they were coming to town with Cyndi Lauper and 3 other bands, I knew I had to go. A local radio station had tickets on sale one day for $10.19 so I jumped on the chance. My sister Amy and my friend Emily and I all planned on going. Amy got sick the day of so sadly she wasn't able to go but that was probably a good thing since I'm sure she would've been embarrassed to be seen with me! Have you seen the movie "Music & Lyrics"? If so, picture Drew Barrymore's sister played by Kristen Johnson when she heard Drew's character was invited to a performance of 80's band "Bam,Pop". That was pretty much me at the concert. OK, maybe not to that extreme but I told Emily that I was 99% sure that when Erasure came on stage I was going to freak out. And freak out I did! When they started playing "Oh l'amour" I started screaming. Yep, screaming and jumping up and down! It was seriously so much fun. I loved seeing this band and hearing my favorite songs live...a teenage girl's dream finally come true 20 years later!

Perhaps the best part of the concert was the man about 5 rows in front of us. He was probably mid-40's, kinda chubby, spikey hair with an Erasure concert shirt on. His wife and 3 young kids were with him-all wearing Erasure t-shirts. So cute. Anyway, not only did he know every word to every song, so did his kids, AND he had the 80's dance moves down to a science. Emily and I (and the people around us) were cracking up the entire time.

I have never been a concert-goer but after this concert, Emily and I vowed to go to Erasure together every time they come to Salt Lake. Hopefully they will tour for 20 more years!!!


RLRP said...

sounds like it was so much fun - I would have loved to see you pregnant and jumping up and down...I bet it was awesome!

Emoly said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me to come! I had a blast. You were a lot of fun to sing and sort of dance along with Erasure! LOVED IT!!!

Tuesday night, I think, Liv and I are going to sleep out on the futon and watch "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" if you would like to join us. The concert really got me in the mood. I hope I can find it at the video store!

Oh, and thanks for bringing me. You are flippin awesome!

Lori said...

That sounds hilarious. I was like that but embarrassingly it was for Justin Timberlake when I was like 28 years-old (AND I drove all the way to Vegas to see him) pathetic really.

Have you heard Josh Radin's version of Yaz's "Only You". I know it's not Erasure per se, but it's Yaz....Amy probably told you already...

kristi brooke said...

oh my i went to Erasure in 1989 in SLC and it was the best concert I had ever been too. we were on the floor and confetti fell all over us. it was great.

thanks for commenting on my blog, your words are so true!