Friday, December 28, 2007

Where has December gone?

This has been the fastest month of my life! I honestly can't believe Christmas is over and Lucy is a month old. The time has gone by so quickly and I have wanted to update my blog so many times but the demands of a newborn have taken precedence. Right now Lucy is sleeping, the boys are sledding with their cousins and the house is quiet so I am taking advantage of the time I have!

Lucy is such a sweet baby. I have enjoyed this month with her so much. So many times I have looked into her eyes and had such an overwhelming sense of familiarity. I have known this little girl for a long time and there is no doubt in my mind that she is mine. Having a baby in the house has also reminded me of how much I love my boys. Now that my time is pretty much monopolized by Lucy, I have to find different ways to let the boys know they are special which only makes me love them more. I snapped this picture just a few minutes ago...isn't she sweet?

This week has been really fun. All of my siblings are in town and it has been pretty much a non-stop party. I think this is the first time we have all been together for at least a year and a half. It has been noisy and crazy but lots of fun. This picture is all of the Pett girls together on Monday at my parents' house.
My parents are seriously the best. They love having all the kids together and love us so much! They always have the kitchen stocked with good food for us and welcome our friends into their home as well. On Christmas Eve we had the 1st Annual Pett Family Talent Show. We had funny talents as well as "real" talents. Noah sang the Dreidel song (he secretly wishes he was Jewish), Curtis showed off his building skills, Sam played his guitar, I played a really bad impromptu duet with my sis Suzanne (we hadn't even practiced) nephew Taylor did magic tricks, neice Isabelle played Jingle Bells on the piano. Then the jokesters: Amy and Mat sang and did a little dance to "I think we're alone now", David and Marina did a hilarious take on a SNL skit, and my parents...well, let me just show you some pictures of my parents' talent: You've seen the "Go elf yourself" website? They did a live version of it. It was HILARIOUS. We were all howling with laughter. Oh, they kill me.

Much to the dismay off all the children except Isabelle, we ended the night with the nativity story. They were all really cute and it was the perfect way to end the evening.

Christmas was also very fun. Curtis woke up at 7:00 and was very excited to see the Lego crane that Santa left for him. He then ran and woke up Noah exclaiming that Santa had come. We spent the next 3 hours at home, opening presents and playing with the new toys. Sam's parents came over for a brief visit and then we headed to my parents' house. My parents gave all the grandkids Disney pillowcases and autograph books giving us clues to their gift to all of us...We are going to Disneyland in March! The kids were not very excited at first but I don't think they really understood what was going on. Later as we all talked about it they started to get excited and now can't wait for March!

The rest of the week has been filled with more family activities and playing with Christmas gifts...oh, that reminds me, I have to compliment Sam on his great purchases this year. I told him I wanted a "dressy casual" coat and a new sweater and he did great! He hates buying me clothes because I usually take them back but this time I am only taking one sweater back because I have one already that is very similar. But the coat and other 2 sweaters are perfect.
Today I have spent quietly at home trying to clean things up and get back to normal around here. I havent' completed too many projects but at least have done 2 loads of laundry and put some of the Christmas mess away. My cousin John's 11 year old daughter Olivia is here now, holding Lucy so I can get some more stuff done.

It has been a fabulous week and we will cap it off with a celebration with Sam's family tomorrow...guess I should finish the gift shopping!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Here She Is!

Here she is at 3 hours old
Miss Lucy Ann made her arrival into the world last Monday, November 26th at 11:39 pm. I think I took the cake this year for giving my mom the best birthday iPOD doesn't really beat having your granddaughter born on your birthday!

I started the day by going to see my midwife at 9:30. I was dilated to a 2 but the baby's head was still very high. My midwife sent us home saying she would consult the OBGYN that she works with and schedule a c-section for Wednesday as we had planned. By the time she called me at 2:30 to give me the time for Wednesday, I had been having strong contractions for over an hour. By about 4:00 we called my dad to ask him to come get the kids and the boys and I packed their stuff for their sleep-over. Sam and I had decided we would go to the hospital when the contractions were 4 minutes apart consistently. By 5:00 they were about 6 minutes apart and by 6:00 they had pretty much skipped the 4 minute mark and jumped to 3 minutes. Sam was very concerned about my water breaking in the car so in between contractions he put a garbage bag and a thick towel on the front seat. We loaded everything in the car and were on our way. We pulled up in front of the hospital and Sam went to get a wheelchair. He loaded me in and then pushed me about a foot when I decided I couldn't handle the bumpy ride. I got out of the wheelchair just as I was having a contraction and knelt down by a nearby bench so Sam could rub my back just as a group of employees was leaving the hospital. A very concerned man asked if we needed him to get a nurse and Sam said "No, we're just having a baby". Not knowing Sam's sense of humor, he thankfully ran in and got a nurse who knew who I was because my midwife had just called to let them know I was coming. I pushed the wheelchair into Labor and Delivery while Sam parked the car and then they got us all settled in our room. We were assigned a great nurse, Candie, and about 7:15 my midwife Danielle showed up. She quickly thanked me for getting her out of a speeding ticket (she was going about 90 mph since she lives in Park City and knew I was progressing quickly). She checked me and I was 10 centimeters dilated!!! Unfortunately, the baby's head was still very high. She called the OB, Dr. Watts to come in since we knew that c-section was still a possibility. He checked and they decided to break my water to see if she would come down when my water broke. I pushed for awhile until I could no longer handle it. The contractions were about a minute and a half apart, leaving me no time to rest so I consented to the epidural. Almost immediately after the epidural, my blood pressure dropped really low and so did the baby's heartbeat. They lowered my head and gave me oxygen to help the baby's heart rate came up. They also gave me some medication to help my blood pressure. By 11:00 Sam was starving so he left for the cafeteria. Danielle did another check and still the baby's head was very high. Dr Watts also checked and then the three of us made the decision to do a c-section. Since Danielle was aware that I had such a long labor with Noah which ended in a c-section, she didn't want me to go through that again and neither did I. So, I called Sam and said "come back now" just as he was picking up a tray in the cafeteria. He ran back and I told him the plan and he called my mom and sister Amy. They wheeled me into the OR at 11:15 and by 11:39 little Lucy was born. She weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches long. As soon as she was born, they cleaned her up and handed her to Sam. He brought her over to me so I could see her and he was able to hold her the entire time they stitched me up. He was also able to carry her down the hall to the awaiting arms of her Nana and Aunt. It was about 12:30 by the time I got back to my room so as soon as I saw my mom I said "Happy Birthday!" and she was so excited to hear that Lucy was born before midnight. I was really shaky from the epidural so I wasn't able to hold Lucy for a little while but as soon as I could, I tried to nurse her and she happily and easily latched on. What a reward for all the discomfort and stress!

We are now home and getting adjusted. I am healing really well and feel good and am very glad that the boys are in school so that I am able to rest when Lucy sleeps during the day. Her dad is smitten with her and the boys think she is the cutest thing ever. I am so in love with this little perfect angel and so happy and blessed that she is in our family!!!