Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last Night's dinner conversation

Curtis: Mom, me and Noah can help change the baby's diaper.
Me: That will be great!
Curtis: Will we go to the hospital to visit the BABIES?
Me: Of course.
Curtis: And then the BABIES will come home when they're big enough.
Me (perplexed): Babies? You think there is more than one?
C: Yeah, how bout 3 or 4!
Me: No, that is way too many!
Noah (piping in excitedly): How bout a hundred! That would make you really tough!
Me: (sigh)yeah, it would.


gamine said...

I think 3 will make you tough enough!

Em said...

Aren't you already tough? A household full of boys are pretty toughening enough, I think.