Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in Action

I really didn't intend to not blog for so long, really, I didn't. However, a series of events added up to my long hiatus.
Here's what's been happenin':

We took n 8 day trip to Vegas/San Diego and had a wonderful time. Stayed with the Youngs in Vegas and got to see our favorite Petts in San Diego. We did all we could to induce labor in Marina while we were there but little Sasha wanted to stay nice and cozy in her mama's belly for awhile longer! We went to Sea World (2x) Legoland, the SD Zoo and the beach. We enjoyed every minute we spent there and wished we could have stayed longer!

Curtis and Noah finished their 3rd and 1st grade years and both did a great job. They are looking forward to a long summer break but already miss their friends!

Lucy turned the magical age of 18 months which every Mormon mother longingly looks forward to because the baby can then go to Nursery at church! Lucy loves Nursery (so do I!) and doesn't even look back when I drop her off. She's growing up so fast!

Our computer got a virus (or 12) and I couldn't even log on for a few days. Our friend Collin fixed it up like new and delivered it to us yesterday so we are back in action! Thanks, Col!

I fell down our porch steps and landed right on my tailbone, I couldn't sit for 2 weeks so the computer was out of the question! I was in so much pain! I finally went to the chiropractor because my back was giving me problems from trying to sit in weird positions to avoid the tailbone. After 2 visits, I was able to sit (thank goodness)just in time for...

Youth Conference. We had YC at the U of U this last week. It was really fun and spiritual and I am exhausted! We had great speakers (John Bytheway, Brad Wilcox, just to name a few) good food, fun dance, great service project and other activities. I love it when all the planning and preparation come to fruition. It was fun but I'm glad it's over! Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking such good care of my children while I was there. They didn't even miss me!

In other news: We received 2 new little nieces into our extended families this month. Troy and Rachel welcomed little Emma on June 3rd and David and Marina welcomed sweet Sasha on June 9th. We are excited to watch these little girls grow and get to know them! Congrats to both families!

There's the last month in a nutshell. I will post some pictures as soon as I get caught up on paying bills and reading the emails I missed while the computer was sick!


Emily said...
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Emily said...
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Emily said...

The names of John Bytheway and Brad Wilcox bring back great memories. I am glad your butt is not broken anymore, we have some serious scrapping to do!

girlygirl said...

I'm happy Col could fix it! And I'm happy I get to see cute pics on your blog. It lookst like you had a great trip. Let's get together soon! Love ya!