Monday, November 9, 2009

Primary Program

Yesterday was our Primary Program in Church. The theme was "Our Eternal Family". It was a very enjoyable meeting and the boys both did a great job. My mom asked Noah before what he his part was in the program. He promptly replied "Classified". He just was not willing to give any spoilers! Curtis was asked to talk on his baptism. He wrote his part himself. He said "I was really nervous because I was afraid my dad would mess up." He also said some really sweet things but I can't remember because I was laughing too hard at that sentence! Sam and I were asked to speak for a few minutes about how family prayer has strengthened our family. Lucy decided to join us and yanked the microphone towards her every few seconds and uttered a "yah yah yah" into it and then chuckled to herself. I was glad for her comic relief as I was able to get through my part without crying (a curse of mine, for certain). Lucy also decided to make a dash out of Sam's arms towards the stand during the closing prayer and (observed from my one eye while trying to show some semblance of reverence)did her best to elude the grabbing hands of the Primary presidency. She managed to get a little dance in next to the podium before the "amen". My thoughts of putting a child gate on the end of the pew have resurfaced.


jenpetersen said...

Love it!

girlygirl said...

Especially those pews--little bodies railroading downhill are a scraped knee and a bloody lip waiting to happen! ;) Of course, I really do miss that church. There's just something about it. Miss you! I need to call!