Monday, February 22, 2010

Cute kids

Noah is becoming a pro at quick wit. His teacher relayed this exchange to me: While talking about Charles Lindbergh (?) in class, Noah's friend Charlie said "Hey, I built an airplane?" Without hesitation, Noah replied "So, I built the ark."

Lucy is becoming quite particular in her clothing options. Most days she wants to wear a skirt-totally fine, I love little girls in skirts and they are quick and easy to make! The problem is, like most women, the first outfit is not the best outfit. I will get her dressed and 15 minutes later she will walk out of her room wearing something else, usually a skirt that is inside out with a shirt that doesn't match at all. I've decided to just roll with it. So, next time you see Lucy and she looks like a ragamuffin, just remember, she is a budding fashionista and asserting her independence!


Tori said...

That is so funny. Don't worry my girls are still in the changing the outfits 15 minutes after they get dressed. I'm not sure they grow out of it. My problem is getting them to put the clothes they had on away.

Megan said...

Great comeback, Noah!

I think it's fun Lucy is so into skirts. She needs an "I Dressed Myself Today" button.