Monday, February 1, 2010

A decade

Do you remember what you were doing a decade ago? The thoughts and feelings you were having? Even who you spent the day with or what you ate? No? Well, I remember everything.

You see, at this time on February 1st, 2000, I was realizing that I was going to become a mother that very day. I was experiencing contractions, getting stronger and closer together and it finally hit me--Today I will meet the little soul that will make me a mom. And, at 5:17 pm we welcomed little Curtis Taft Preslar into our loving arms and family. I never imagined 10 years ago that I would someday actually have a 10 year old. Did anyone else feel that way? But, that's what happens after your baby is around for 10 years!

The last 10 years have been full of love, happiness, fun, frustration, anxiety, smiles and tears as we have navigated parenthood. It has been a challenge, but an even bigger blessing. Curtis is such a cute, goofy, sensitive, talented, sweet kid and I am so glad he is mine!

10 for 10 about Curtis:
1. He is a Lego building maniac.
2. He loves his brother and sister so much!
3. He still loves trains, just like his dad.
4. He loves Cub Scouts and will receive his Bear award this week!
5. He loves to read.
6. He is a great helper.
7. He loves his family-immediate and extended, and idolizes cousin Taylor
8. He loves animals and is so happy to have a cat. (much to my dismay)
9. He loves spending time with friends but will also play happily by himself for hours.
10. He is very loyal. He's got your back.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! For now and forever, my baby you'll be. I love you, Curtis.

ps. don't freak about the cub scout background. This week is the Blue & Gold banquet where we will celebrate 75 years of Cub Scouts, Curtis will receive his Bear and move on to Webelos and Noah will be introduced as a new Wolf.  And since Sam and I are Bear leaders, it's kind of a big deal around here! So, in honor of that, the first FEMALE who can tell me what a Webelo is, will win a prize!


Tori said...

Webelos stands for We Be Loyal Scouts. How exciting for Curtis to be moving onto Webelos. Cub Scouts is awesome. I can't believe he is 10 already. Happy Birthday Curtis!

Kath said...

You win, Tori! Did you know that before you became a den leader?
I can't believe he is 10, either. Time has passed so quickly!
I should have had you make his cake...the one I made was a mess!

Heather and Dave said...

10??! How can he be 10??! He was just a 1st grader like, yesterday! Wow - we're getting old ;) jk. We miss you! Keep us posted on your moving plans! xoxo, Heather

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Curtis!

Emily H said...

I used to think a webelo was some wild animal like a wolverine or something. When a lot of those 10 year olds get together they kind of seem like wild animals! ha ha. Happy Bday Curtis. I can't believe you are ten either!

Melissa: said...

This was so sweet, I love what you wrote.

What a cute kid, that Curtis! He's getting so big!