Monday, April 5, 2010

8 is Great!

The other day I found Noah looking at his baby scrapbook and thought "Oh my little Noah baby...where have the last 8 years gone? When did that chubby little toddler turn into this tall young man?"
Last week we celebrated Noah's 8th birthday. Friday we had an Indiana Jones party with his friends and Sam rigged up a cool obstacle course in the basement while I planned a treasure hunt. I also used my cake-decorating "skills" (NOT!) and made an Indiana Jones cake. I have to admit, every birthday cake I have made since Curtis turned one has been pretty much a disaster. My skills are so non-existent that Sam usually takes over and makes the cake look presentable. But this year, I had an idea in my head and for once was actually able to execute it! It's far from professional but Noah loved it and thought it was so creative. And isn't that what its all about?
Here are a couple of pictures from the party:
Swinging across the pit of doom

The kingdom of the crystal skull with lego Indiana running away from the cake/cookie boulder

Noah with his good friend, Charlie.

On a personal note, Noah is such a wonderful kid. He is a joy to be around. It was tough getting him into this world but all 26 hours of labor were completely worth it. I would do it again if I had to! We are so grateful that Noah is part of our family.
8 things I love about Noah:

1. He strives to be obedient and help others choose the right.
2. He is a wonderful big brother and little brother.
3. He is a great helper.
4. He has the cutest freckles smattered across his face.
5. He is funny!
6. He is thoughtful and cares about other people.
7. He is excited to be baptized in a few weeks!
8. He is very creative and loves to express himself artistically.

Noah, I love you and am so grateful you are mine! I love you more than everything!
Love, Mom

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jenpetersen said...

Ethan had an Indiana Jones party too. It must be the age. How is the house building and house selling going?