Monday, July 7, 2008

Insomnia and friends

Does this happen to you? It seems like whenever I have a big week coming up that I should be well rested for, I just can't sleep. This week is Girls Camp and while I'm not spending the whole week there, tomorrow I will be assisting in all the shopping and last minute details and will go up Tuesday for the whole day with Lucy in tow. Then I'll go again Thursday afternoon/evening.
So, tonight in true Kathleen fashion, I can't sleep! I laid down an hour ago for about 10 minutes and knew that sleep was not going to happen. So here I sit, blogging.
I've been thinking about some things lately that I've wanted to blog about so no better time than the present, right?
I have been blessed, especially in the last 9-10 years, to form strong relationships with good women. We have seen each other through good times and bad, and I am forever grateful for their love. Thursday night I had dinner with three of my great girlfriends: Karen, Chassie, and Melissa. At one point all of us lived in the same ward and we became great friends. Then they all moved away and left me here! :( But, we have kept in touch and remained good friends. Melissa is now moving to Arizona and we will miss her but know she and Scott are making a good decision for their family. So Thursday was our final Girls Night Out before she moves.
Some friends I have kept in contact more than others but it doesn't lessen the friendship. Karen mentioned the other night the saying that goes something like, some friends come into your life for a short time, others for a life time but each makes an impression on your life. I know, kind of cliche but I think that its so true. When Sam and I walked into our home for the first time, we knew immediately that it was the one to buy. We didn't know why (especially with all the things that needed (and still need) to be done) but now I can look back at the last 9 and a half years and say it was because of the people who would touch us and make our lives richer.
Thanks, Ladies, for your love and acceptance of me. Love you!
PS Sorry for the late night sappiness but I hope it makes sense!

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Kristol said...

Thanks goodness for great friends! Good luck at girls camp. Insomnia always happens to me when I know I have something going on the next day and I need a good rest. I love the crockpot blog. I tried #177. I tweaked it a tiny bit, but super yummy. I'll have to try the chicken/bacon dish. Makes my mouth water thinking about it...