Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The first month of summer vacay

So far, the summer break has gone fairly quickly with minimal sibling fights and even fewer mom freak-outs. I came up with a schedule for the kids and myself so we would know what we are doing everyday and I could plan accordingly. Here is the rundown:

Monday: Family Outing Day (since it is like Sam's Saturday)
Tuesday: Scrapbook Day with Emily & kids
Wednesday: Fun at home/Free Day (I need to "re-group" and prepare for Mutual Day)
Thursday: Library and Park (or other outing) Day
Friday: Project/Craft Day

Sure, I am flexible and if we decide to go to the Library Wednesday, that's fine. These are the bones of the schedule and we can change our minds if we want! We have had a lot of fun so far and made some cool projects and had fun outings. We went to Ensign Peak one morning with Sam and this past Monday spent a few hours at Liberty Park, riding the sketchy rides and going to the Aviary. (we nixed the boat idea after checking out the conditions of the boats and the filthy, stink of the pond) We have more fun in store for July and should prove to be hectic. I signed up the boys for flag football and they have games every evening except Thursdays. We'll see if we survive!

Lucy is now 7 months old! She is such a good baby and a joy in our lives. She is now sitting up unassisted (although she does have the occasional "timber"), She rolls and scoots everywhere, she is trying to pull herself up in the crib (oh no!) she sleeps through the night most nights, she is loving sweet potatoes, apples, and anything I am eating, still has 2 sharp little teeth with the threat of more at any moment. She babbles lots but her favorite "words" are "nananana" and "dadada". We love our little Luce Goose!


Melissa said...

It was so fun to see you and your darling kids last week. We'll have to play again!

I love your schedule, you smarty! Be flattered because I'm about to copy you and your fun schedule, k?

otherwise I might go insane ;)

Love the pictures. Such a cute family!

David Pett said...

i love how Noah is wearing his Mickey Mouse ears on your Ensign Peak hike

Emily said...

You guys sure are busy having fun! Man, I feel lame!
P.S. Liv is requesting a second creative day.
I promise I won't have 3 extra kids over next time. That was crazy!

Kath said...

Em, Creative Day was crazy but I enjoyed having Gina there. I will do a second creative day anytime...just let me get through camp and trek first!

RLRP said...

Fun post, Kath. Great summer ideas. We were going strong for a while but the heat has officially sucked my will to live.

Anonymous said...

sounds like lots of fun activities. it's good to plan things sometimes. Lucy is adorable. what a cutie!
thanks for the pictures update. they are great. you guys look happy. i was going to make a comment about Noah's hat too but Dave beat me to it.