Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good news!

Why is it so hard for me to take the time to post? I don't know...just lazy I guess.

Yesterday we finally went to have our ultrasound and guess what? We are having a GIRL!!!
I'm still a little in shock...Sam is from a family of 4 boys with 8 of the 11 grandchildren being boys so I didn't think we had a chance of having a girl. But, we got a very good look and it is definitely
not a boy! Noah was so excited, he just started jumping up and down saying "I was right! I was right! I was right!" It took Curtis a minute to warm up to the idea but then he was very happy.
Sam is already stressed thinking about having to deal with a teenage girl*(see paragraph below) but I told him he has several years before he needs to worry about that...of course, as soon as she is born I'm sure she will have Sam wrapped around her little finger!

Two weeks ago Sam and I both went to Girls Camp. Sam went on an overnight hike with the older girls and came home saying "Girls are so weird! The talk and scream and giggle all the time! They were putting on lipgloss before they went to bed!" Before his trip to camp, he was hoping our baby was a girl but he got a little glimpse of what our future could hold and changed his mind! I went up on Wednesday and stayed till the end on Friday. The camp we went to is owned by the Church and is called the Heber Valley Camp. It is beautiful and has great facilities. They discourage pregnant women from coming unless you are able to participate in all the activities and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the hike so I went up the day after. I really didn't want to miss camp, my counselors worked so hard to plan and execute Camp and I wanted to be able to be there to help and support them. It was a lot of work but the Young Women were so appreciative of everything and were so cute and fun. Our theme was "Daughters of a King" and at the beginning of the week we gave them a charm bracelet with a charm for Virtue on it with the scripture reference D&C 121:45. Then everyday, we did a little devotional and gave them another charm to add to their bracelet. They loved this! The charms we gave them were Virtue, an oil lamp, Salt Lake Temple, a Sheild, a Crown. I got all the charms for so cheap from Each charm was only .69! I've seen several of the Young Women since camp and most of them have been wearing their bracelets. Hopefully they will treasure it and remember their importance and worth as a daughter of God.

Well, dinner is ready so I better wrap up...I have starving kids!


RLRP said...

Kath, that is so great. I sort of can't imagine you guys with a girl! Boy is she going to be the princess of the family...just ask our princess. I'm thrilled that everything is looking good. I remember when Troy found out that we were having a girl - he looked a little pale. But we're so happy to have her. I can't wait to hear your name ideas. Congratulations!

gamine said...

I am oh so excited about this little gal coming along! I've already bought the pinkies pink yard for her snuggly blanket!