Sunday, August 12, 2007

Park City Recap

We just got back from a week-long vacation in Park City and boy was it great!

My parents have a Marriott time share and had an extra week that was about to expire so they practically begged us to use it for a little family get-away. So, we did!

The boys and I went up Friday afternoon (Sam had to work Friday night so couldn't come). We basically just chilled out in the condo that night: ate, watched TV, read, took a jacuzzi bath.

Saturday morning, we headed back down the canyon as our dear friend, Karen, was getting married. My mom picked up the kids (thanks Mom and Dad!) and Sam and I went to the luncheon and wedding at the Bountiful Temple. It was so special to be there with Karen, she has waited a long time (and dated a lot of Mr. Wrongs) for Mr. Right to come along. We are so happy for them...Congrats Karen and Jim!

After the wedding we headed home and met up with my parents, sister Amy and sister Suzanne
and niece Isabelle. Suzanne and her family are moving from Omaha to Las Vegas and had just rolled in to town so it was nice to see them for a few minutes. We then headed back up to Park City. The Kimball Arts Festival was going on right down Main Street and we got up there just before it was ending so we were able to go to it for free. We saw some amazing art and heard some fantastic musicians.

Most of our time in Park City was spent in the pool and the boys really honed their swimming skills. Noah has been pretty hesitant in the pool but I think it really helped to have Sam there to help boost his confidence. By the end of the week, he was jumping in without his floatie and swimming to the side. Both boys are little fish! I enjoyed floating in the pool because it made me feel weightless so whenever my back was hurting, I headed to the pool. We unfortunately didn't get any photos of the pool because all of us were always in the pool and didn't want to leave our camera unattended.

Sam went fishing Tuesday morning then came back and took the kids for a little adventure. When they were coming down the hill on their scooters, Noah got going a little too fast and instead of using his brake, used his foot and ended up crashing. Curtis pounded on the door and was frantically telling me that Noah crashed and got hurt really bad. Luckily, it wasn't too bad, just a little road rash on the arms, tiny bit on the nose and forehead (thank goodness the boys never ride their scooters without helmets!). When we were patching Noah up, he exclaimed "Now my day is ruined!" He forgot all about this later when we were swimming.
Curtis and Noah scootering pre-crash

On Wednesday, we did some Park City touring. There is a free trolley tour up and down Main Street so we caught the trolley and cruised around a little. We then went to the Territorial Jail which is actually pretty creepy. We walked down the steep stairs into the Jail and Noah exclaimed "it's spooky down here" and it was! When it was in use it was nicknamed "the Dungeon" and I can't think of a better name for it. We then walked back down Main Street to ride the ski lift. The Town Lift is right across the street from the condo and everytime we looked out the window that is what we saw so we had to go on it. It was actually quite a long ride and there was a cool breeze which made it very enjoyable.

When we got to the top we started to explore. I have only been skiing at the Park City Resort once and never got up quite as far as this lift took us so I was unaware that the old Silver King Mine was still standing. Sam and Curtis had fun exploring the old mining buildings while Noah and I waited safely outside. We then headed back down the mountain and Curtis rode with me, pointing out every single old tower that used to haul buckets of ore down the mountain. He would point them out to me and then yell back to Sam "Dad, there's another tower!" "I see another one camoflauged in the trees!" I had this yelled in my ear approximately 27 times. Not quite the peaceful ride as on the way up!

We then wentover to the resort area and the boys rode the Alpine Slide. Curtis was so excited when we measured him and he was tall enough to go on the Slide by himself.

They all had a lot of fun although Curtis was a little disappointed because he wanted to go faster but was a little scared so he didn't. Next time, buddy.

That evening, we caught the trolley again and strolled down Main Street and stopped at Cows to get some yummy icecream. Then we went back to the condo to change and hit the pool!

Thursday we swam pretty much all day. At 5:00 pm we finally dressed (in something besides swimming suits) and headed out for dinner. There is a great Mexican restaurant at the resort called Baja Cantina. The have yummy chips and salsa and we ordered chicken flautas (which next time I will just get for my entree instead of an appetizer) the boys had quesadillas, Sam got a beef fajita salad and I got the "Claimjumper" which is a massive pork burrito. I was stuffed by the time I was only 1/4 of the way through the burrito!

After dinner we went to check out the Alpine Coaster. It is a new mountain "roller coaster" that pulls you up the mountain and then you quickly wind down the mountain. Sam couldn't resist and Curtis desperately wanted to go with him. So they bought tickets and Curtis was so excited that when he was walking back up to the coaster he was yelling "Can you feel the love?" "oh yeah, oh yeah!" They loved the ride! Noah didn't want to go so we let him choose what he would like to do instead. He decided to go on the trampoline with the bungee cords. You have to be at least 40 lbs to do this and he is only 44 so it was a little difficult for him. He tried to do a flip and couldn't get enough momentum so only went halfway...he ended up being upside down, bouncing (softly) on his head for a full minute! Sam and I were laughing so hard that unfortunately we weren't able to get a photo of was too funny.

We ended the night with more swimming and were exhausted when we finally turned in for the night. We had such a great time together and cherished the time that Sam was able to be with us. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us this opportunity! We had a wonderful time!

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