Monday, April 12, 2010

Featuring: Manya Girls Accessories

When my daughter was born, my sweet sis-in-law, Marina, made a darling little bracelet for Lucy. It was so cute on her tiny, chubby wrist. Last Spring I made a dress for my niece and sent it to her and a week or so later we received another darling bracelet for Lucy as a thank you. So last year when 7 women in my ward were pregnant at the same time with their first babies, and they all happened to be girls, I asked Marina to stock me up with these dainty bracelets so I would have them for shower gifts. Of course, everyone loved them and couldn't wait to put them on their tiny girl's wrist.
Marina recently opened an online store called Manya girls accessories where she sells these little gems. She has 3 different lines, all reasonably priced. AND she offers free shipping!
I just placed another order today and thought I needed to share the love. Go check her out! And check out her darling model, my little niece!

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Emily H said...

Those are adorable. Can I pretend Ryan is a girl for a little while?