Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living in Limbo

...and I'm not talking about "how low can you go" (although I've had some pretty low days the last few months!).
Since we got the news that the sale of our house fell through, I've had a hard time finding where I fit in. One of the first things Sam and I decided was to start attending our new ward. Today was our fourth Sunday there. We all are enjoying the new relationships we are making. The boys have attended Cub Scouts and are going to start school there on the 26th! Even though we are doing all these things in our new neighborhood, and people are so nice and sympathetic towards our situation, I still don't feel like I completely belong since I don't physically live there. It is a hard place to be in because I don't feel like I belong in the old neighborhood, either!

We have not had very much traffic through our house. We have been doing Open Houses every Saturday and have had very little success with them. Tomorrow we drop the price another $15,000! We have been fasting, praying, begging, pleading for it to sell. Hopefully the price drop will do the trick!

In the meantime, we have been trying to have a little summer fun. Since the boys go to year-round school, summer break is much shorter this year and I feel like we wasted so much time those first few weeks! We have been swimming, boating, playing at the park, spending fun days with friends and grandparents, went to This is the Place for a fun (hot!) free day, went to a Peter Pan play, and other adventures. We are looking forward to this last week when our Pett family will all gather for a retirement Luau for my mom! Then we are heading to Park City for the weekend. School starts and then camp-out with the Preslar family that weekend.

I'm grateful my kids are pretty easy-going and don't mind all the car time as we go back and forth to the new neighborhood. It's just going to get worse when school starts!

So, there's our update. It is a crazy life and I don't like crazy. But, I am trying to look through the craziness to find joy in the every day moments! It's easy to find those moments with my 3 cute kids!

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jenpetersen said...

I'm sorry that you are going through such a mess. I hope things work out soon. Hope to also see you at dinner with the South African sister missionaries in a couple of weeks!