Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I voted in this historical election. Because of all the presidential hype, I completely forgot until about a week ago, that in Utah we were also voting for Governor. I think I only saw 2 commercials on TV and maybe one billboard for the candidates!
The boys have been very interested (in a little boy way) in the election so since my voting station was at their school, I decided to wait until school was out and have them vote with me. They were very attentive and had opinions. I let them print the ballot and then I cast the final vote. They both thought it was cool and were even given "I voted" stickers.
Oh, while I was there a lady came in wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt. She was told she had to cover up the shirt before she could vote because campaining is not allowed within 150 feet of a polling station. She wasn't really campaigning...just showing her support! Good thing she had a hoodie to cover it up! Isn't that crazy?

Side Note: Guess who ate her first Oreo? It may look like she ate a whole package of them but, no, this is just one! I think she enjoyed every second of it!


Melissa said...

Love the oreo pic! She is so freaking cute!!!

Amy said...

I've been telling everybody about your voting with the boys and they are all so impressed! Great job teaching them the power of the vote at such a young age.
I want to kiss that oreo face!

Grant Hageman said...

Love thiis last photo