Sunday, August 31, 2008

41 Reasons why I Love Sam

(In no particular order)
1. He loves me!
2. He is the father of my children
3. He loves his children fiercely
4. He is a wealth of useless information (seriously)
5. He finds humor in simple things
6. He is environmentally friendly
7. He loves the great outdoors

8. He works hard to provide for his family
9. He started college in his late 30's to have a better career
10.He is a Jack-of-all-trades
11.He teaches his children the things that are important to him
12.He has a testimony of the restored Gospel
13.He has friends of all ages
14.He is my eternal companion
15.He changes diapers daily and has always changed our babies' first diaper
16.He LOVES babies (especially ours!)

17.He cried when each of our children was born
18.He supports me in everything I do
19.He has hobbies that he loves
20.He will watch a good chick-flick with me, and like it
21.He is a handy man
22.He loves my family
23.He loves Disneyland!

24.He is a worthy priesthood holder
25.He likes my cooking and shows appreciation for it (even my "experiments")
26.He is my children's hero
27.He is a good labor coach
28.He has taken the time to strengthen his relationships with his brothers

29.He likes to talk on the phone
30.He loves the ocean
31.He is very smart
32.He has a photographic memory (see #4)
33.He is always trying to improve
34.He makes me laugh
35.He loves to play with our kids
36.He is young at heart

37.He has become a BYU football fan!
38.He will drop what he's doing to help a family member or friend
39.He has beautiful eyes
40.He calls his parents daily
41.He always tells me he loves me!

Happy Birthday, Sunshine! Thanks for brightening my life!


Emily said...

Ya! We like him too, I guess. No, really, you should keep him around.
And you forgot to add, "he can tease anyone and give anyone a nickname."

RLRP said...

Oh, that's very sweet. Except for #37. That's crappy.

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday (late)!

Melissa said...

I'd have to DITTO Em. Nicknames... and teasing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man! :)

Mat Pett said...

I love Sam too. I'm glad that he talked you into marrying him. He's a great addition to our family.