Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 months!

Lucy turned 3 months old yesterday! I had planned on blogging yesterday but Lucy was on a sleep strike and was very fussy so I spent most of the day trying to get her settled. She has changed so much! The outfit she is wearing in this picture is the outfit she wore home from the was so baggy and big then and now it barely fits! She is such a happy baby, as you can see in the picture. She smiles and laughs a lot, especially at her brothers. She has her moments of grumpiness and I wish she slept through the night but I wouldn't trade the last 3 months for anything. You know, for 5 and a half years it was our little family of 4 and it felt complete, and for those 5 years it was complete, but now I honestly can not imagine our family without little Luce. She has brought a tenderness into our home that wasn't here before. The boys love her and help me tremendously with her. Here is a scene I caught the other day... Both boys were singing to her and giving her toys and loving her. So sweet!
Yesterday we took our new stroller out for a test drive. The weather was beautiful, the best we've had for months so I walked to school to pick up the boys. The kids fought over who got to push the stroller home so we had to switch at every corner. Lucy enjoyed the ride and slept the whole way! I'm so glad the weather is warming up so we both can have a change of scenery and get some fresh air!
Snug as a bug!

I did a little photo shoot with Lucy in her blessing dress the other day. I think she stuck her tongue out in every shot! These are two of my favorites...don't you just want to eat her up?

Last week we had Parent/teacher conferences. Both boys got awesome reports and are doing very well. Curtis still has motion problems (meaning he is in perpetual motion and can't sit still) but is doing great academically. He was even dismissed from Speech Therapy because he has made so much progress and no longer needs it! Noah's teacher said he is very bright and is a smart thinker. He has such a love for learning and is always testing our knowledge by giving Sam and me math problems. I feel very blessed to be the mom of these 3 kids!


The Petts said...

She's pretty cute Kath. I can't wait to see Tessa as a big sister. I think she will love it.


P.S. you never did tell me how the basement turned out

Kristol said...

People probably tell you this all the time, but she really is a beautiful baby! She has the biggest, happiest eyes. I'm glad your enjoying her!

Emily Tollhousen said...

It is about time that Preslar household had some more women. Boys are great, but they tend to dominate, especially the entertainment. I sometimes realize that I haven't seen a chick-flick in ages or painted my nails in months. We tend to watch a lot of action movies and play lots of pretend army. I am so happy that you have a girl now! She is really balancing out your fam. And super cute on top of that!

Emily Tollhousen said...

Oh and by the way....LOVE your new background. Very Kathleen as Livia would say.