Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Self Expression

Today's high was 71 degrees...in November! It was beautiful! Of course, our huge trees had given us another crop of giant leaves so we all went outside to get them raked. Of course, the pile grew quickly and Noah was buried in a matter of seconds. Curtis decided just jumping wasn't going to cut it. Here's a quick video clip (this is my first video attempt so cross your fingers!)

Noah drew faces on the leaf bags and then took the marker to the leaves and made little love notes for Sam and me. I love that he has such a thirst for learning and finds creative ways to express himself.

Last night, I was helping Noah with homework and Curtis was unloading the dishwasher. He started singing the Primary song "Love is Spoken Here". I was enjoying this sweet moment. Noah joined in and when they got to the part that says "With father and mother leading the way, teaching me how to trust and obey" Noah sang "with father and mother leading the way, TEACHING ME HOW TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES". I about died laughing! And he thought he was such the comedian! These boys keep my life interesting!

In BabyWatch news...yesterday I had a burst of energy. I swept, mopped, raked leaves, dusted, Sam and I took a walk at Gateway and I had several contractions. I thought for sure that labor would start last night but no such luck! I woke up this morning still very pregnant and MAD! Only one contraction so far today. But, I'm going to try to be positive and get some little projects done today. I just have to remind myself that no one has been pregnant forever, even if it seems like it!!!


Em Tollhousen said...

Tomorrow for sure! We will make you a castor oil/black cohosh cocktail, go 4 wheelin, jump on the trampoline, and hike up Widowmaker! That little girl will have to come out just to get a break!

Kristol said...

I'm hoping you went into labor today! I love your story about Noah...very sweet. Don't you love this nice weather...I think its getting colder. Maybe the change in temperature will send us a new baby girl!

RLRP said...

Cute post - Noah's writing is so good!